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Student Ambassador Program

Student ambassadors serve as teaching assistants in BUSA 1105 (Intro to Business), which usually has 80 to 100 students in each section. Each ambassador is assigned to a specific section and is responsible for being in the classroom with the professor every time the class is taught. Depending on the professor’s needs, some student ambassadors are given the opportunity to lead class discussions. Because the ambassador is whom the Intro to Business students will interact with most, students are encouraged to talk to their ambassadors about day-to-day activities in the classroom.

To be considered for the program, ambassadors must be College of Business students, have at least a 3.0 GPA and be juniors or seniors as of fall semester. As long as the academic requirements are met, students may continue being ambassadors until they graduate.

Any student interested in becoming an ambassador is encouraged to apply. “The program is something that all College of Business students should strive to be a part of,” said Horn-McLamb. “Not only is it a good résumé builder, but it is also a good relationship builder, especially with faculty.” Ambassadors have the opportunity to build professional working relationships with their professors while gaining valuable skills such as how to lead a group of 100 students, to be effective communicators and to network with business professionals.

The intangible benefits gained from this program are invaluable. For example, Ambassador Kyrsten Miles, has accepted a job in Los Angeles, California, as a consultant for Accenture. She credits her student ambassadorship for landing a job upon graduation.



Current Student Ambassadors

Grace Ballard is a management major with a minor in information systems. She wanted to become a student ambassador because it was an opportunity to help and give back to the College. Setting an example for incoming students, as well as being able to help them have an easier adjustment to the University, is very rewarding for her. Fun Fact: “Growing up, I always had an interest in music. As far as vocal performance goes, I have a 4, pushing 5, octave range and learned to read and transpose music at age 11.”


Jordan Beckum is a marketing major with a double minor in management and public relations. She wanted to be a student ambassador because she enjoys sharing her experiences as a student with underclassmen students, and she enjoys helping them discover their majors. Fun Fact: “I currently have my own blog, called Naturally Jo, which showcases my poetry and writing.”



Kyrsten Miles (IS, ’16) is an information systems major with an emphasis in ERP/SAP. She loves the range of career opportunities her major offers, as well as the chance to actually work with the SAP software in the classroom. Kyrsten wanted to be a student ambassador to have a platform allowing her to give meaningful advice to students, while sharing her experiences such as the College of Business study abroad trip she took to Spain. Fun Fact: “I am SAP certified, and I was able to do this at Georgia Southern.”


Sharmita Porshia is an information systems major. Sharmita loves her major because it is the perfect mix between business and technology. She became a student ambassador because she knew having the opportunity to work directly with a professor was a lifetime experience. Fun Fact: “I am [currently] the only undergraduate student from Bangladesh [at Georgia Southern], and I love it here.”



Kendra Rice is an accounting major, who loves how the faculty and staff in the College of Business welcome students with open arms. The advisors are wonderful and are very helpful. What made her want to be a student ambassador? Kendra wants to help professors and students in any way possible. Fun Fact: “I am an only child, and my dad is my best friend.”



A’Lamar Smith is a logistics and management major. When A’Lamar looked back on his freshman year, he realized that life would have been a lot easier had he known what resources were offered to college students. Now, as a student ambassador, he looks forward to helping students maximize their time in the College of Business. Fun Fact: “When people see me, they tend to think I have food on my face, but this is a scar I got when I was about three years old.”


Kenneth Smith is a logistics and marketing major. He became a student ambassador because he wanted to help lead new students to success, both inside and outside of the classroom. His transition from high school to college was very smooth due to the support system he had. Fun Fact: “I plan on getting my pilot’s license one day.”



Rachel Yarbrough is a logistics & intermodal transportation major with a minor in enterprise resource planning. She first heard about the Student Ambassador Program through the Eagle Executive Society and thought being a student ambassador would be a great way to practice public speaking while working with a large group of people. Not only has she been able to do those things, she has also been given opportunities to teach an entire class without an instructor present. Fun Fact: “I am a volunteer firefighter for the local county fire department, and I am working toward becoming nationally certified.” Rachel is currently completing an internship in Greenville, South Carolina, at BMW.






Last updated: 2/14/2017