Program Overview

The WebMAcc is a 30-semester hour program with 100% of the course work being delivered online. The program follows a cohort model with intakes in the Fall and Spring semesters. To help ensure our students’ success and to help them stay on track in the program, we use a team-based approach to online learning. Before beginning the program, new students will attend an orientation session where they will meet with professors and fellow WebMAcc students. Students are placed on teams comprised of four to five students with whom they will work with throughout the six semesters. This team-based method of learning provides students with a “safety-net” as teams move through the program together motivating, helping, and cheering each other on toward graduation.

Orientation Information

Students are required to attend an orientation prior to starting in the program. The WebMAcc orientation is held at the beginning of each semester giving new students an opportunity to become familiar with their on line courses, meet with their professors, and familiarize themselves with the technologies being used in the delivery of the program. The orientation will also include information regarding University policies, academic dishonesty and other administrative details. Our MAcc Coordinator and Accounting Advisor will also be in attendance to provide a line of support for students.

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