Georgia Southern Online MAcc Most Affordable

bestmastersdegreesThe Georgia Southern AACSB accredited WebMAcc has been identified as one of the 25 Most Affordable Top Ranked Online Master’s in Accounting 2016 by

The program, in its third year, is ranked the number seven Most Affordable Top Ranked Online Master’s in Accounting. Graduate tuition, which includes fees, for the WebMAcc is $8,728. The WebMAcc, delivered fully online by the same faculty teaching on campus, requires classes in accounting information systems, advanced accounting, current legal issues, fraudulent financial reporting and tax research.

“I am very proud of the work our faculty have done in developing engaging course platforms and highly effective instructional outcomes,” stated Tim Pearson, Ph.D., director of the Georgia Southern School of Accountancy. “This would not be possible without the technology tools and the online instruction expertise services that Georgia Southern has made available for building learning environments online that work. Our graduates are well prepared for the challenges facing professional accountants, and it’s nice to be recognized for preparing our graduates well and in a cost-effective way.”

According to the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), a master’s degree in accounting ensures the education requirements needed to obtain CPA credentials are met. The AICPA also stresses the importance of meeting these requirements early in a student’s educational career because employers look favorably upon it. analyzed 55 schools offering an online master’s degree in accounting or MBA with accounting concentration. They then reviewed rankings from other major publications like Forbes magazine, The Princeton Review and U.S. News and World Report.

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Building A Legacy at the Georgia Southern College of Business


The College of Business at Georgia Southern University is excited to announce Building A Legacy, an initiative to renovate and expand its 89,000 square foot building.

The current building, first occupied by the College of Business in 1995, has not undergone significant renovations since its construction more than 20 years ago with the exception of minor touch ups including new paint, carpet and furniture.

At the time of its construction, the current building cost approximately $16 million and enrollment in the College of Business was around 2,000 students. Currently, enrollment is 3,600 students, and business education has become increasingly competitive. Many other business schools at comprehensive universities across the nation, like Georgia Southern, have announced renovations and expansions or are building new buildings. The average size of these new buildings is 160,000 square feet, and the average cost is $66 million. To remain competitive, the College of Business at Georgia Southern University needs to invest approximately $10 million in its facility.

In its golden anniversary, the College of Business seeks to address the need for cutting-edge space with a three-phase plan. The building, which was built before the use of the Internet in classroom instruction, needs to be retrofitted to support the full functionality required for leading-edge instruction. Classroom layout and design needs to be updated to provide greater instructional flexibility. In addition to renovations within the building, the College of Business will also expand the current footprint by adding an atrium and a financial learning lab to increase visual appeal and flexibility. The atrium will offer students a space and an atmosphere that encourages collaboration and networking. The financial learning lab will provide a customized facility for studying financial markets, monetary policy, financial securities, investment vehicles and other related topics. The lab will feature the newest technology and provide a venue for guest lecturers, student competitions, board meetings and recruiting events.

The renovation and expansion of the building will enable the college to move forward competitively in attracting students, faculty, businesses and donors. For more information, please contact Pam Jones Stovall at (912) 478-5083 or email

Georgia Southern Named Best Online MBA Program by U.S. News & World Report

The Georgia Southern University Online MBA has been ranked a 2017 Best Online MBA Program for the second consecutive year by U.S. News & World Report. This is only the second year that U.S. News has published its rankings of distance education MBA programs.

U.S. News & World Report’s annual ranking, released on Wednesday, March 16, 2016, includes the best online master’s degree programs in business administration. Online MBA programs were evaluated on admissions selectivity, reputation for excellence among peer institutions, and academic and career support services offered to students. The Online MBA rankings evaluated schools based solely on data related to the distance education MBA programs. Five categories, student engagement, admissions selectivity, peer reputation, faculty credentials and training, and student services and technology, were used to rank the distance learning MBA programs.

In a separate ranking, U.S. News & World Report ranked Georgia Southern’s online graduate business programs (excluding MBA), for a second consecutive year. These programs, which include the Georgia Southern online Master of Science in applied economics (MSAE) program and web Master of Accounting (WebMAcc), were ranked based on level of accreditation, reputation for excellence among peer institutions, and academic and career support services offered to students.

“We are always happy to be recognized for providing good value and delivering quality programs.  So, it is especially gratifying to be ranked again by U.S. News and World Report,” stated Allen C. Amason, dean of the Georgia Southern College of Business. “It’s a compliment to our faculty, staff and alumni, and it motivates us to keep looking forward and working hard.”

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How to Make Things Happen as an MBA Student

Making the most of your time in a business program

If you want to make things happen in the business world, you need to start taking the initiative while you’re still working on your business degree. The difference between success and failure is often in the approach you take, and these tips can get you started on the path toward attaining your goals.

Harness Your Passion

Passion is the energy that drives you forward. It’s what keeps you from giving up when the going gets tough. Know what you want from your career and your life, and focus your passion on finding the best avenues to get you there.

Learn to Prioritize

Activities that don’t move you forward or enhance productivity should be assessed and, if necessary, dropped. While you need to create a healthy balance between work and life, the time you spend on work should be dedicated solely to achieving your goals. Use lists to visualize your priorities and determine how much progress you’re making on a regular basis.

Streamline Your Processes

Programs, tools and apps make it much easier to stay on top of your priorities. Find the collection of technological tools that works best for your situation and create a system that allows you to move easily between important tasks.

Create a Critical Path

Like the straight line from point A to point B, a critical path is the shortest route that leads to your goals. You can map these paths out as diagrams or follow them as lines of thought in all you do. You’ll quickly see where you’re getting slowed down so that you can reorganize your priorities and improve time management to remove roadblocks to success.

Utilize Your Team

A solid team of people who share your vision and are dedicated to the same goals is essential to making anything happen. Instead of letting pride drive you to “go it alone,” share tasks among these like-minded individuals. Take advantage of their personal networks to find even more resources to increase productivity.

Get Involved

The Georgia Southern University MBA Association (MBAA) provides an avenue for graduate students to get involved, adding value to their MBA experience. The MBAA at the Georgia Southern College of Business meets weekly, bringing in guest speakers from the community to discuss various aspects of business in different industries. The Georgia Southern MBAA has also visited and toured Claxton Poultry, Georgia Port Authority and Visit Savannah.

At Georgia Southern University, you’ll gain the tools you need to make anything happen, whether you’re in school or out in the business world. Our College of Business offers students diverse opportunities in studies, internships and careers. Contact our graduate business programs office today to learn more or to enroll in one of our graduate degree programs at (912) 478-5767

Résumé Essentials for MBA Students

Get the expert tips and tricks you need to know to translate your academic achievements into a winning résumé for any workplace.

You’ve worked hard for years to get an education that puts you on a fast track to success. Now that your MBA studies are well on their way, it’s time to think about your professional future, and updating your résumé is the logical place to start. Even if you’re the definition of a dream candidate in person, getting that face-to-face meeting means looking just as great on paper first. Because their inboxes are constantly flooded with new applications, hiring managers have just a few precious minutes to screen for promising leads. Here’s what you can do to make sure that your name makes it into the approved-for-interview pile:

1. Make personalized applications easy by creating a customizable CV to use as base material. Slightly different from a résumé, which is much more condensed, a CV – short for curriculum vitae – acts as a broader biography that puts your entire background in perspective by including everything from academic degrees and professional certifications to grants, awards and honors. When finished, a detailed CV can easily take up to two or three pages.

2. Master the art of editing. When you need to ace a new application, downsize a copy of your CV to a one-page résumé that reflects the job description and the company’s mission. In addition to telling employers why you’re the ideal fit for their unique needs, personalized résumés instantly earn you bonus points for going above and beyond the basics.

3. Put your most attention-grabbing accomplishments at the top. Gone are the days of standardized résumé formats. As long as you keep the copy clean and concise, shifting the order of your headers to put the spotlight on your best qualities is perfectly acceptable.

4. Don’t shy away from praising your performance. Listing specifics that show how you excelled at your day-to-day responsibilities – like successfully leading a team of 15 as project manager or doubling sales in one quarter – is much more impressive than using vague descriptions of your duties.

Looking for a graduate business program where your future success is a priority? At Georgia Southern, we run regular résumé boot camps, and when students need some last-minute advice before a big interview, our experienced career specialists are always on hand for impromptu critiques. To learn how our career services can help you make a smooth transition from student to professional, visit the Office of Career Services online at

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