Business After Hours at City Campus

The City Campus of Georgia Southern University hosted Business After Hours on Thursday, June 19, continuing the annual tradition begun with the venue’s grand opening in 2011. The event was jointly sponsored by the Downtown Statesboro Development Authority and the College of Business.

More than 100 people attended the event in the future FabLab space. This year, City Campus decided to provide a sample of what the space will soon offer our community. Andrew Michaud, lab coordinator for the Georgia Southern Department of Electrical Engineering, was gracious enough to bring and set up a MakerBot 3D printer from the Georgia Southern Electrical Engineering lab. The MakerBot was busy printing 3D logos and stands during the event, producing an approximately 2″x2″ plastic square logo every 45 minutes.

Chris Schier from Technical Training Aids in Atlanta made the trip to show off several prototypes made by 3D printers. Schier displayed everything from trailer hitches to salt shakers and moving gear puzzles to a working hair dryer.

Eagle Motorsports, led by Spencer Harp, displayed one of its SEA formula cars built by Georgia Southern mechanical engineering students. The students work hard to research, design, manufacture, and race the formula car as well as a baja vehicle. City Campus was very excited and fortunate to have these talented students show off their hard work and Georgia Southern’s racing team.

Business After Hours was also an opportunity for a couple of student incubator clients to share their business ideas. Rachel Paule shared her vision and team’s work on their product, a fashion app called Sweater Weather. The goal is for the mobile app to be users’ first choice for determining the best outfit to wear based upon weather, type of event, and availability. Go Local innovator Jonathan Chambers invited attendees to join his team’s vision for connecting the community and college through a local events mobile app. Go Local is working to find a better way to connect users with upcoming events and their locations in smaller markets.

City Campus also partnered with Maven Makers to highlight some innovative maker workshops held in Savannah. In one such workshop, kits were used to help makers create solar phone chargers from Altoid mint tins. City Campus looks forward to a continued partnership with Maven Makers to bring other fun maker events to the FabLab.

Allen C. Amason, dean of the College of Business, was asked by Dominique Halaby, director, to “drum” up interest around what City Campus is doing. The dean took his seat at the drum set on stage, showing that running a business successfully is a lot like playing the drums well. He started with drumming basics, moving onto piecing the basics together into rhythms, displaying that discernible patterns create recognizable value. Finally, he displayed that these patterns are neither good nor bad in their own right but are measured by their application to the benefit of others. The value is not the drum solo itself from Tom Sawyer by Rush but how this solo fits in with the rest of the song. The key to business is how the new idea benefits customers and fits in with their lifestyles.

Director Dominique Halaby expressed his appreciation for the community’s support and great attendance. “We are excited to have this opportunity to share with you the future of the City Campus downtown. We look forward to working with area innovators and entrepreneurs to bring BIG ideas to life in Statesboro.”

Let’s Celebrate LaunchSAVANNAH!

Local council to mark a successful first year

LaunchSAVANNAH is the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce council that unites young professionals to learn, network, and help local charities. The business organization plans to celebrate its first anniversary with an evening party on June 17. This enjoyable, two-hour event will take place at the Charles H. Morris Center on East Broad Street. It begins at 5:30 pm and features snacks, beverages, cake, and live music.

What to Expect

Like all LaunchSAVANNAH events, this party provides a good opportunity for you to network with fellow business people in the Savannah area. The council encourages professionals between 22 and 40 years old to attend the celebration. It is sponsored by First Citizens Bank and the Georgia Southern University College of Business. This party will resemble last year’s June event at the maritime museum.

Local band Tell Scarlet will appear at the celebration. This popular Savannah group plays a tremendous variety of music from the past and present, including disco, rock, pop, funk, country, and even jazz. Formerly known as Briar Rose, the group regularly appears at weddings and parties along the southern East Coast.

About LaunchSAVANNAH

The local chamber of commerce established this council to help young professionals succeed in coastal Georgia’s largest city. Business people do not have to join the chamber to become LaunchSAVANNAH members. You might confuse this group with the Young Professionals of Savannah, but it is not the same organization. The chamber inaugurated LaunchSAVANNAH at a free, June 2013, event that publicized the new council’s goals.

This organization holds business get-togethers monthly. It hosted a holiday oyster roast that brought local professionals together and collected toys for a nonprofit group. The Savannah Business Journal reported that LaunchSAVANNAH members also volunteered at a Habersham Street nursing home on weekday nights in February. Each evening, the council sent 20 volunteers to help local seniors.

How to Attend

If you would like to participate in LaunchSAVANNAH’s anniversary celebration, please complete the online RSVP form. You may use cash, credit, or a check to pay the $10 admission fee. For further details, call 912-644-6422 and ask for Drew Hunt. Young professionals also benefit from the prestigious Georgia Southern MBA program, which allows you to take online or on-campus classes that fit your schedule and budget. To learn more, check out the College of Business website.

College of Business Sponsors Chamber of Commerce Council One Year Anniversary

The Georgia Southern University College of Business is sponsoring the upcoming one year anniversary of LaunchSAVANNAH, the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce’s council for emerging professionals 22-40 years old. On Tuesday, June 17, the celebration will take place at the Charles H. Morris Center from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Admission is $10.

LaunchSAVANNAH was established in June 2013, hosting educational, networking, and philanthropic events throughout the Savannah area. For the second year in a row, the Georgia Southern College of Business is sponsoring this event. LaunchSAVANNAH monthly events average hundreds of professionals in the age demographic of 22-40 years old. “We are excited to continue to be a part of an organization that allows young professionals to develop and grow into community leaders,” said Allen Amason, dean of the College of Business. “This collaboration reflects our commitment to Savannah through partnerships with businesses and the community.”

The one-year anniversary celebration will feature live music from Tell Scarlet, appetizers, beverages, and more. To register, please contact Drew Hunt at 912.644.6422 or at

Georgia Southern Partners with Renew Merchandise to Create Apparel from Recycled Bottles

The College of Business and Center for Sustainability has partnered with Renew Merchandise, a company that specializes in turning recyclables into clothes, to begin offering Georgia Southern licensed apparel made from recycled plastic bottles. Though the project is in the beginning stages, developments will take place during the 2014-2015 academic year.

“Who would deliberately throw money into the trash can?” said Lissa Leege, director of Georgia Southern’s Center for Sustainability. “This partnership with Renew Merchandise will help our campus community realize this is exactly what we are doing when we trash plastic bottles and other recyclables.”

Renew Merchandise takes recyclable plastic bottles and turns them into various products, including t-shirts, polos, uniforms and other consumer goods. The company uses a 5-step solution beginning with collecting and sorting post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and later turns the bottles into yarn to produce merchandise. Several companies already using the products are Ford, McDonald’s and the United States Tennis Association, along with various Major League Baseball teams including the Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres and Cincinnati Reds.

“We are very excited that Georgia Southern, my alma mater, has decided to join our fast-growing list of partners,” said Renew president J.T. Marburger. “We want students involved in the project to gain real world experience while being eco-minded and this is a great way to do both.”

Beginning this summer, College of Business classes will start the branding phase of the project. The branding phase will continue into the fall and will culminate into a marketing plan developed by the Master of Business Administration Strategic Marketing Management class. Once the marketing plan is finalized, a retail point of sale will be determined and merchandise will be sold. Details about where merchandise may be purchased are still developing.

With the help of on-campus student organizations, student ambassadors will spread the word on campus about the new sustainability program. The Georgia Southern Center for Sustainability (CfS) will be a key component to this project.

For more information, contact Kate Channell, director of marketing & media for the College of Business, at 912-478-4488 or by emailing

Small Business Council SMART Luncheon

Join Allen C. Amason, Dean of the Georgia Southern College of Business, at the Savannah Morning News Auditorium on June 3

Small business owners officially have the world’s hardest job. In addition to dealing with day-to-day issues like balance sheets and time cards, they’re required to stay one step ahead of the competition in the often turbulent waters of the modern economy. In return, they work longer hours than their “W2-employed” counterparts and have little to show for it. In the College of Business, we’re committed to showing our appreciation for Georgia’s small business owners with events like the Savannah Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council SMART Luncheon on June 3.

When, Where, and Why

The Savannah Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council SMART Luncheon will take place at the Savannah Morning News Auditorium on June 3. The event’s 30-minute networking session will begin at 11:30 a.m. and last until noon, at which point the program itself will begin. Please note that an RSVP is required for anyone who wishes to attend this event. The College of Business and the Savannah Chamber of Commerce are confident that this event will give the area’s small business owners the tools they need to develop their managerial and planning skills in any economic environment.

Notable Attendees

This month’s Small Business Council SMART Luncheon will be headlined by Allen C. Amason, Dean of the College of Business at Georgia Southern University. Dr. Amason’s lecture will focus on the challenges of running a business in a rapidly evolving economy that rewards success with increasingly difficult challenges. He likens running a business to running a race on a treadmill: Even if you run faster, the ground under your feet will always be moving.

Logistics and Schedule

To attend the Small Business Council SMART Luncheon, please email your RSVP to Stephanie Boaen at or call (912) 644-6458. Admission is $12 for Chamber members with a slight surcharge for non-members and guests. Following a half-hour networking session, Dr. Amason will begin speaking at noon.

Georgia Southern College of Business and the Savannah Chamber: Paving the Way for Georgia’s Entrepreneurs

The Small Business Council SMART Luncheon is just one of the many events held for members of Savannah’s entrepreneurial community. As the region’s premier higher education institution for the business leaders of tomorrow, we pride ourselves on offering educational, motivational programming for business leaders of all ages and disciplines. For more information about Georgia Southern College of Business course offerings and events, visit us online at

College of Business Administration • P.O. Box 8002 • Statesboro, Georgia • (912) 478-2622