The Best GMAT Study Resources Around

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If you’re planning to apply for graduate-level business programs, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is just around the corner. The GMAT gauges your abilities in analytical writing and in verbal, quantitative and integrated reasoning. While the test is essential for grad school admissions, many students dread preparing for and taking it.

While there’s nothing you can do to make the GMAT itself less difficult, you can ensure that you’re prepared by studying and taking practice tests. Taking an in-person prep course is one option, but it might not meet your needs if you live in a rural area or are on a tight budget. Thankfully, you can still study for the GMAT via a wealth of online resources.

The Best Online Study Resources

Studying for the GMAT online is a great way to review material at your own pace. You’ll be able to focus on the areas that you struggle with the most and can even connect with other students via online communities. However, finding the best GMAT study sites can be difficult thanks to the sheer number of study resources available online. Start with these five, which represent the best of the best.

The popular GMAT Prep Now site offers video lessons, a step-by-step learning guide and GMAT instruction from experts in the field. The site also offers more than 800 practice questions with full explanations.

The Business School free GMAT math course offers a quick, easy way to brush up on the math section of the test. The course consists of 10 daily emails that include one test question, a fully reasoned answer and other test tips.

While the Princeton Review is best known for offering paid GMAT study courses, the company also offers a robust free GMAT practice test on its website. It’s widely regarded as one of the most rigorous practice tests out there.

If you’re looking for a study site that builds in a social experience, check out Beat the GMAT. You’ll find great study resources and an incredible community of business students.

It pays to visit the official GMAT site too, where you can download free test prep software that emulates the actual GMAT test.

Earning a business degree brings challenges all its own, but the GMAT doesn’t have to be one of them. Check out your study options, and get in touch with the admissions staff at Georgia Southern University’s College of Business at (912)478-5767 to get the application process started.

Super Bowl Ads 101

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Enactus Professional Clothing and Suit Drive

The Georgia Southern chapter of Enactus, the student organization for student entrepreneurs, is hosting a clothing drive starting January 29 through February 29, 2016. The clothing drive is dedicated to filling a closet, located at Career Services, for individuals who may not have the means to buy a brand new suit for an interview. The clothing is available to rent at a minimal cost. The closet is part of the Supplying Underprivileged Individuals the Tools for Success (S.U.I.T.S.) project. Please start spring-cleaning early, and bring us your gently used suits or professional attire. Donations may be dropped off at City Campus located in downtown Statesboro at 58 E. Main St. The donations will be used to help the less fortunate gather the essential tools for success and become employed.

The Benefits of Joining the Student Eagle Executive Society

Five Big Reasons to Join the Student Eagle Executive Society

When you go through a business program, you gain more than just an education. You also gain an alma mater. As you look back on your college or business school experience, you want to be able to say that you made the most of your program. If you’re studying at Georgia Southern’s College of Business, joining the Student Eagle Executive Society is a great way to ensure that you’ll be able to do that. Here are five of the biggest benefits of membership.

Incredible Networking

Everyone agrees that taking advantage of networking opportunities during college or grad school is absolutely essential. While there are a lot of ways to do that on campus and off, one of the best is by joining the Student Eagle Executive Society. You’ll enjoy opportunities to interact with successful alumni and leaders from businesses in the area and from around the state.

Communication Practice

It’s simply easier to succeed in business when you have excellent communication skills. The Student Eagle Executive Society offers students great opportunities to build their communication skills while they earn their business degrees. One of the most exciting is the annual Golf Outing, where students have the opportunity to hit the links to learn business etiquette on the golf course, perfect their golf swing and hone their communication and negotiation skills.

Mentorship Opportunities

The right mentor will support your success while you’re in school and can help you develop future career opportunities, too. That means finding the right mentor is crucial. Thankfully, it’s easy for Student Eagle Executive Society members to do just that. When you join, you get access to College of Business alumni so that you can contact potential mentors. Through E-visors, you can identify long-term mentors and ask for short-term help with interviews and résumé critiquing.

Schooling on Etiquette

Knowing the right etiquette is essential in the business world. Important as it is, etiquette can also be intimidating. That’s why the Society hosts an annual Etiquette Dinner. During this gathering, members have the opportunity to practice etiquette and social skills with professionals from the local business community. It’s a fun but practical way to master basic etiquette.

Real-World Learning

No business school experience is complete without internships and other learning and service opportunities. The members of the Student Eagle Executive Society participate in a wide variety of educational enrichment activities. Direct access to alumni means members also enjoy great internship opportunities. Of course, internships and events are great for online students who want to get out and meet other students, too.

Ready to learn more about the Student Eagle Executive Society? Check us out online, stop by the Development & Alumni Relations Office in the College of Business or call (912)478-5083.

Taking a Closer Look at Internships

Wondering About College of Business Internships?

Take a Closer Look at Internships at the Georgia Southern University College of Business

Internships have become a big part of earning a business degree. No matter your target career, completing an internship provides you with real-world experience that you can leverage after you graduate. When you’re evaluating business programs, you should pay close attention to each school’s internship possibilities. Here’s what you can expect to find at Georgia Southern University’s College of Business.

College of Business Internship Basics for Undergrads

At the Georgia Southern University College of Business, completing an internship is not a requirement for graduation but is highly recommended. The majority of internships last one semester, and most students earn three credits from internships toward their degree program. Another three credits can be earned as elective credits. Students receive credit for internships by registering for a special internship course, where they’re graded on a satisfactory andunsatisfactory basis.

Internships are more than just a form of work study within the college. They’re also intimately tied to your particular area of study. In order for an internship to be approved, it must contribute significant value to your education. Internship listings are often posted outside the Student Services Center, but you can also check with other companies to see if they offer structured internship programs.

You’ll also need to complete an academic project as part of your internship. This could be a paper, presentation or report about your internship experience. In general, you can’t complete an internship at a company for which you already work.

In order to participate in an internship, a student must

  • be admitted to the Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) program,
  • have a GPA of at least 2.5 and
  • have completed at least sixty-seven semester hours of credit with at least two courses completed in the major subject area.

If you’re enrolled in the Georgia Southern MBA program, talk to your advisor about the internship opportunities you can find in Georgia’s bustling business scene.

How to Leverage the Internship Program

Whether you’re an undergrad or graduate student, you should think of an internship as more than just a program requirement. Aim to work with a company that is interested in developing and hiring interns. You might not make big bucks during an internship, but you should look for an opportunity that could translate into a paying job. Of course, you should also look for a company that will be willing to give you a strong reference in the future, too.

Are you ready to learn more about a school that will provide you with great support when it comes to internships? Get in touch with your advisor in the Student Services Center in the College of Business today, so we can talk about your goals.

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