Statesboro Campus

Earning your MBA on the Statesboro campus provides the greatest diversity in classmates and program options.  While the vast majority of our Statesboro students are working while in school, about two-thirds of them are early in their careers.  The others are much more seasoned.  Statesboro students tend to be more involved in out-of-classroom learning experiences (Entrepreneurship Center, SHRM, City Campus, E-Zone, Small Business Development Center)  and have ease of access to faculty and campus facilities/services.

Statesboro is a quintessential small town, college town.    The city supports residents from several surrounding counties so there are more amenities and activities than one might expect.  The Main Street Statesboro Farmers Market, Averitt Center for the Arts, F1rst Friday DowntownSplash in the Boro waterpark, The Clubhouse and numerous city parks and trails provide ample opportunities for diversion and entertainment.  In addition to the chains you know, the town offers local eateries and watering holes that range from wining and dining at its best, to slow cooked barbecue with a cold PBR along the roadside .

Of course, with over 20,000 students, there is always something happening on campus.  Center for Art & Theater galleries and performances, intramurals, the RAC, the PAC,the Garden of the Coastal Plain, the Georgia Southern Museum, a Planetarium and the Center for Wildlife Education are all to be found on the arboretum-like 700 acre grounds of scenic ponds and majestic pines and oaks*.


*  –  Georgia Southern is  also home to the U.S. National Tick Collection (part of the Smithsonian Institution).  It is the largest tick collection in the world with more than a million specimens including representatives of most of the world’s ca. 850 species.  Short tours of the collection can be arranged by appointment.

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