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Alpha Iota Mu is the National Honor Society for Information Systems, founded in 1995 and sponsored by the International Academy for Information Management.  In the year 2000, Georgia Southern University became the fourth university to form a chapter that honors students who have achieved a level of distinction within the major of information systems.  Georgia Southern is preceded in membership by Indiana State University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of South Alabama.

The purpose of Alpha Iota Mu is to confer distinction for academic excellence in information systems; to promote the infusion of the functional and behavioral areas of administration with the tools, concepts, and methodologies of information systems; and professional fellowship among students, faculty, and administrators who share a common interest in the development of information systems.

Delta Chapter Membership

2000 Faculty
Barbara A. Price
Cliff T. Ragsdale
Camille F. Rogers
Seokwoo Song
Robert A. Wells
James E. Whitworth
Susan R. Williams

2000 Honorary
H. Edward Roberts
Ulysses Knotts, III
John R. Pickett

2000 Students
Brannon Scott Gillis
Elizabeth Ann Hawk
G. Dawn Henderson
Stacey L. Koehn
Kimberley R. Lewis
Stephen C. Little
Angel C. Martin
Amy N. McElmurray
Richard F. Pruden
Tisha K. Roberson
Desiree D. Sapp
Charles Andy Solomon
Tammy L. Wright
Tait C. Yokley

2001 Faculty
Hsiang-Jui Kung

2001 Honorary
Charlie Gibbs
Carl Gooding

2001 Students
Janet Adams
Roger C. Avery
Beorge Bara
Christopher M. Dismuke
Daniel D. Edenfield
Dwayne M. Jenkins
Stanton B. Lee
Natossha L. Nobles
Teresa S. Oglesby
Ryan T. Orrick
Preston T. Robinson
Jon Schumacher
James A. Weitman
Erica R. Williams

2003 Students
Matthew Griffin
Mornecia Harrell
Christopher Harris
Leslie Harris
Jason Heard
Justin Lee
Kristin Livingston
Robert Marsh
Shunquea Posey
Frank Ryan
Michael Walker
Jason Williams


2003 Faculty
Ron MacKinnon

2003 Honorary
Joanne Walker
Ronald E. Shiffler

2004 Faculty
John N. Dyer
Adrian Gardiner
Hyo-Joo Han
Manouchehr Tabatabaei

2004 Honorary
James Bradford

2004 Students
Michael A. Barozzini
Robert J. Brooks
Justin A. Clifton
Shawnica T. Hill
Emily K. Berry
Joshua B. Clifton
Jason C. Fulford
Melanie E. Williams

2005 Honorary
Richard Chambers

2005 Students
Kristi Banks
Samantha Grovenstein
Demetrius Lewis
Joshua Morris
Tyler Saville
William Tyson
Mallorie Williams

2006 Students
Brenda Aytes
Trey (Emmett) Hart
Jude Mallanda

2007 Faculty
Kevin Elder
Paige Rutner

2007 Students
Nicole M. Brown
Mallory B. Luber
Matthew L. Norris
James R. Shepard
Ross D. Yerden

2008 Faculty
Robert C. Newman

2008 Students
Olin J. Downs
Luke D. Odom
Richard A. Mordecai
Colby L. White


2009 Students
Michael A. Bennett
Blake W. Bozeman
Carter B. Bricker
Jaron L. Crutcher
Ferris G. Elmes
Amirali Z. Nathoo
Jeffrey Peets
Kurt M. Rigby
Christopher J. Rogers
David A. Styer
Andrew J. Szokoly
Connie M. Thrift
Daniel P. Vinson

2010 Students
Jeremy W. Eason
William Finney
Jesse Floyd
James Hartridge
Keshia King
Christina Larson
Dennis Luong
Michael Mailey
April McKay
Oluwaseun Ogunjemilusi

2011 Students
Linda Carwell
Caitlin Gaines
Daniel Fletcher
Brendan Hegarty
Caitlin Herr
Suraj-Wilson Kolamkanny
Karl Miller
Cassandra Ohanenye
Stacy Pringle
James Reames
Mario Roberts
Christopher Simmons
Raenell Wells
Mychael Williams

2011 Honorary Inductee
Matthew Janofsky

2011 Faculty
Robert Szymanski

2012 Students
Ashley Harrell
Rahim Sarfani
James Stone
John Thompson
Christopher Wiles

2013 Students
Kimberly D. Dixon
Lucretia V. Haynie
Tereion J. Heath
Paul F. Limon
Phillip D. Scroggin
David D. Tammen
Jayson W. Treadway
Marcus A. Walker
Melvin D. Zuber
Carlyle D. Hall
Joshua K. Hartzell
Honorary Inductee
Linda S. Wilke

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