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A look back: Business Executive Society first formed in 1988

pic200Carl Gooding, dean of College of Business Administration in 1988, realized that the unprecedented growth in enrollment, among business majors in particular, called for a new focus. Funding sources could not keep up with the need for recruiting new faculty, for faculty professional expenses, for student and faculty awards, for alumni events. Who could help?

Working with faculty and involved alumni, Gooding developed the Business Executive Society, a prestigious membership organization designed to encourage an increase in alumni support for College of Business Administration. Membership in the society was set at $50, and for their annual membership, society members received a “stock” certificate. Suitable for framing, the certificate signified an investment in College of Business Administration and its future.

Officers in that first year were Billy Hickman ’74, who served as president; Steve Price ’86, who served as vice president; and Max Manack ’83, who was secretary and treasurer. In the first year the society had 250 charter members, and membership grew to 357 the following year.

“The Business Executive Society is a fine concept, but when Dean Gooding left, the staff support to keep it going was lost,” said Lewis Stewart, assistant professor emeritus, who serves as College of Business Administration’s alumni director. “Now we have an opportunity to bring back its goals and plans, and I am delighted to see that happen. I encourage everyone who supported the Business Executive Society to come on board and join us in the new format of the Eagle Executive Society.”

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Last updated: 7/8/2016