Recent Graduates

  • Adam McCloskey (MSAE 2013)

Placement: Adam is the marketing and research coordinator at OnMedia in Gulf Breeze, Florida. He is responsible for generating all of the marketing collateral for advertising operations, as well as conducting market and segment research for area businesses.  This includes parsing sales data to help clients maximize geographical ad spending and reviewing monthly analytics for digital advertising performance and campaign optimization.

Favorite classes at Georgia Southern: History of Economic Thought

  • Caitlyn Tongco (BBA 2015)

Placement: Caitlin is currently working as an equities analyst at Deutsche Bank in Jacksonville.

Favorite classes at Georgia Southern: Personal Financial Planning, Intermediate Financial Management

Advice for current Finance majors: “To all the current students within the Economics and Finance department, first and foremost, develop a professional relationship with your professors. The professors within this department have challenged me within class through advocating class discussions, opening up the floor to questions, and creating an environment where I had to participate. These professors have also provided me with opportunities to succeed outside of the classroom. Secondly, apply the knowledge that you learn in the classroom to the real world. Whether this is through creating a monthly budget or participating in the financial markets, real world application will force you to utilize your knowledge and build upon it. Thirdly, build up your resume. Participate in anything that will make you more valuable to an employer. This includes participation in clubs, organizations, research, and internships. Set yourself apart!”

  • Jacob Broome (BBA 2015)

Placement: Jacob is currently working for Unified Examiners as a field examiner in Marietta, GA.

Favorite classes at Georgia Southern: Investments, Security Analysis, Operations Management

Advice for current Finance majors: “Go to every class no matter what. Ask questions and provoke answers. Stay after class and get to know your classmates and professors. Find extracurricular activities that are meaningful to your degree and pursue the highest positions within them. Last but not least, never be afraid to talk to anyone (including employers) and always have integrity and tell the truth because it is easier to remember.”

  • Jordan Totten (BBA 2015)

Placement: Jordan is currently working for Focus Management as a turnaround analyst. His first project concerns inventory automation and logistics at Wittek Golf Supply in Chicago, IL. His team is expected to maximize production, automate sales/inventory, and reduce production costs. In an effort to automate inventory tracking, the team will install and integrate financial, sales, and eCommerce web-based platforms.

Favorite classes at Georgia Southern: Intermediate Macro Economics and Applied Economics

Advice for current Economics majors: “The biggest lesson you should be learning is to be RESOURCEFUL. Develop the conceptual economic and financial knowledge. Master the discipline you choose. Be able to analyze and improve business processes. Be a problem solver. Employers want someone who has initiative and can find solutions. Dream big and act accordingly.”

  • Timothy Ewing (BBA 2009, MSAE 2011)

Placement: Tim is currently with the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Atlanta, where he analyzes economic data ranging from occupation studies to the monthly consumer price indexes for the southeast region. He also responds to media, academia, and general public calls and e-mails regarding data published by the Bureau.

Favorite classes at Georgia Southern: Economics in a Global Society, Advanced Financial Economics, and Applied Regression.

Advice for current Economics majors: “Push yourself to gain a full knowledge of the subject, both theoretical and applied.  Possessing a thorough understanding of Economics, a strong background in math, and exposure to statistical software will assist you in your search for a successful and fulfilling career.”

  • R. Sam Kuehl (BBA 2012)

Placement: Sam is currently a Quality Assurance Engineer at Ryder Supply Chain Solutions. While at Georgia Southern, he also interned with BMW Manufacturing in Spartanburg, SC as a Supply Chain Planner.

Favorite classes at Georgia Southern: Intermediate Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

Advice for current Economics majors: “First, keep your GPA high! It is more important than you think. Second, get an Internship! Besides giving you a valuable experience, internships will be pivotal when you try to decide if what you are studying is what you really want to do. Finally, get a Minor! Having skills in IT, foreign languages or some other area will raise your salary and make you much more attractive to potential employers.”

  • Brendan Haase (BBA 2009)

Placement: Brendan is currently with Comcast, building its broadband Internet and video service client base in Atlanta. He also oversees sales forecasting, tracking, and operational reporting, in addition to consulting with senior management on new product launches.

Favorite classes at Georgia Southern: International Monetary Relations

Advice for current Economics majors: “Students majoring in Economics have a clear and definitive advantage in today’s job market.  A degree in Economics is crucial in understanding how businesses, markets and consumers operate.  Economics majors were some of the highest paid graduates right out of school, and at least in my experience, that has been true.”

  • Mary D. Sallach (BBA 2002)

Mary is currently the Project Management Office Director for the State Road and Tollway Authority. She’s responsible for all of the tolling projects for the state as well as the Georgia 400 Corridor projects that were built using toll reserves.  She provides oversight of the project schedules, budgets, scope and risks.

Favorite Classes at Georgia Southern:
 “While at Georgia Southern, I enjoyed all of my economics and economic development courses as well as working at the Bureau of Business Research and Economic Development. The hands on experience working on various impact studies was very beneficial to me as I got started with my career. I also learned a lot from my internship at the State Capitol. I was an intern for the Senate Appropriations Committee and that ultimately led to me getting a job at the Georgia Department of Transportation.”

Advice for Current Economics Majors: 
“My advice for current economics majors would be to do an internship or study that allows you to meet with people in the industry so that you will be presented with opportunities after you graduate. Also, take time to explore various fields to see how you would like to apply your economics knowledge. I never thought that I would end up in tolling and I love my career. Best of luck!”

Last updated: 11/20/2015

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