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Introduction to the Association

The Southern Investment Association is a select group of Georgia Southern University students, who seek to increase their knowledge and experience in the field of investments through real life application of skills learned in the classroom. Since its founding in 2013, SIA has set their expectations at the highest level and aims to compete with other student managed funds. We will demonstrate our skills in finance, economics, accounting, marketing, and other areas through the development and active management of our financial portfolio. Our goal is to create a successful value-based fund of domestic stocks that potentially attracts capital from internal and external constituencies.

We aim to earn a return on invested capital that outperforms the S&P 500 on a consistent basis.






Actively invest 80% of our capital in value-based domestic common stocks in a diversified portfolio, while maintaining 20% in cash reserves to take advantage of unexpected investment opportunities.

Contact: Dr. Axel Grossmann,

Last updated: 2/18/2016

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