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The Georgia Southern Finance Association is an active business organization that strives to provide its members with valuable information and contacts. As a business organization, we will help maintain communication between the business community and the academic world. Along with valuable career advice, we want to introduce and expand network opportunities for all students wishing to participate in the organization.

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(l-r): Julian Kyles (Vice President), Carson Crane (PR), Sam Whitaker (Treasurer), Jacob Bird (President), Ryan Kelly (Secretary)

President: Jacob Bird
Vice President: Julian Kyles
Treasurer: Sam Whitaker
PR: Carson Crane
Secretary: Ryan Kelly


Faculty Advisors (please contact)

Dr. Axel Grossmann (
Dr. Allissa Lee (



Past Finance Association Meetings


Guest Speaker Events


Mr. Todd Makant, Vinings Bank

Sea Island Bank (Commercial Loans)
Mr. Joseph Shuford, VP
Mr. Brannen Smith, VP

State Farm (Insurance Industry)
Mr. Sam Sharpe

Johnson Control (Mergers & Acq.)
Dr. Mathias Schmitt

Ameriprise Financial (Financial Planning)
Mr. Ronald Wasburn

Source Capital Partners (Equity Firm)
Mr. Benjamin Emmons


Mr. Luke Farrell, Capital Group

Georgia Southern University (Professional Resume)
Mr. William Norton

Option Floor Market Maker
Southern Aquatic Services, LLC

Mr. Steven Kelly Dabb

Gulfstream (Corporate Finance)
Susan Herring
Ansley Drake

Vinings Bank (Fixed Income)
Mr. Todd Makant


Mr. Danny Johnston, Safe Systems, Inc.

Capital Group (Fixed Income)
Mr. Luke Farrell

Safe Systems, Inc. (Chair of the board & CEO)
Danny Johnston

Wells Fargo Capital Finance (Commercial Lending)
Rob Griffin

Arch Advisory Group (Financial Planning)
J.D. Lester

Steve H. Powell & Company (Loan Review & Regulatory Compliance Support)
Steve R. Shepherd

Mr. Steven C. Bacon, Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.

Northwestern Mutual (Financial Advising)
Jack Green

Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc. (Financial Advising)
Steven C. Bacon







Finance Association Helps DSDA’s Home For Heroes

The Finance Association has joined the Downtown Statesboro Development Authority (DSDA) in their Homes For Heroes project. In the inaugural year of the project, the DSDA along with the Finance Association plans to develop affordable homes for firefighters and police officers in the downtown area and simultaneously help develop the poverty stricken neighborhoods around Main Street. The DSDA purchased three corner homes right off of East Main Street that were built in the 1940s but have not been maintained. The homes were littered with trash and debris, including furniture, countless empty bottles and food containers. Over the course of two weekends the Finance Association devoted their Saturday and Sunday to help entirely clean out the houses and prepare them for construction. The next step will be renovating and updating the houses to make them livable and desirable homes for the heroes of the community and to set them at an affordable price that will allow the DSDA and their sponsors to continue this project in the long-term.


Last updated: 10/9/2017

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