Economics Degree

B.A. in Economics.

With a strong background in liberal arts, graduates of this program are well-prepared for further study or careers in the social sciences–economics, law, political science, or sociology–as well as in business, journalism, and public administration.

B.B.A. in Economics.

This major is designed to give the student in business administration a broad knowledge of the field of economics in order to provide a foundation for professional careers in business and industry or for graduate training in economics. Economists are much sought after by both public and private agencies. Many economists work for the federal government in agencies such as the CIA, the Departments of Labor, Commerce, Energy, Transportation, Agriculture, and Justice, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Congressional Budget Office, and the Federal Reserve Board. Other economists work for state and local governments, research agencies, banks, and major corporations.

Emphasis in International Business.

A student who majors in economics may elect an emphasis in International Business. This curriculum prepares a student to deal with the problems and opportunities of international trade, international finance, global economic markets and multi- national organizations. Career opportunities exist with multi-national corporations as well as those institutions, such as banks, which sense the needs of international firms.

Last updated: 7/30/2013

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