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Dr. Lindsay Larson & Dr. Linda Mullen
Directors of TCSE

College of Business Administration
P.O. Box 8154
Statesboro GA 30458

(912) 478- 0513 / 5437

The Center for Sales Excellence was established to support and promote our students in pursuit of Sales and Sales Management careers. The Center is housed within the College of Business Administration, serving business majors through a B.B.A. in Marketing with an Emphasis in Sales and Sales Management. Through the activities of the Center, students gain experience with sales role-play in our 3-room lab, and many go on to compete at the National level in competitions. The Center also works to bring sales students together with many companies who are looking for talent.

We continue to seek top students for our program, as well as new business partners who would like to support the Center and our students. Please check our links for students and Corporate Sponsorship for more information. You are also welcome to contact the Center Directors personally.


BBA in Marketing with an Emphasis in Sales and Sales Management (126 hours)The Sales and Sales Management Emphasis is for the student interested in sales as an entry-level marketing position or in sales as a career.

BBA Sales Emphasis Course Worksheet


Advisor for Sales Internships:
Dr. Michael L. Thomas

For more information on Internship Opportunities, please click here.

Certifications in Sales


After the completion of our Advanced Sales classes you will receive SPIN Certification. Georgia Southern University offers an academic certificate in Huthwaite skills-based program that teaches sales students in advanced classes, how to sell more successfully using the proven SPIN® model of sales effectiveness. You will learn how to:

  • Plan for a successful sales call that moves the sale forward
  • Ask the right questions during each phase of the selling process
  • Turn implied needs into the kind of pain that motivates your customer to buy
  • Create real value – not just communicate it – for your clients
  • Avoid objections by offering true needs-based solutions
  • Build stronger customer relationships and close more business!


University Sales Center Alliance Certification

The purpose of the Certified Sales Student program is to offer university students the opportunity to receive recognition for going beyond minimal course requirements in preparing themselves for successful sales jobs and careers. Completing the process required to receive this certification helps participants to differentiate themselves from other students in the sales employment market. Similarly, by denoting exceptional commitment and achievement, the program assists employers in identifying the best candidates for sales positions nationwide and around the world.

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Georgia Southern Sales students regularly compete in the following National and International Competitions each year:

National Collegiate Sales Competition

International Collegiate Sales Competition

Prospective Sponsors and Partners

There are many opportunities for businesses to sponsor or become involved with our Center and students.

A Brochure of specific sponsorship opportunities is coming soon, in the meantime please contact the Center Directors for details.

Dr. Lindsay Larson
(912) 478-0513

Dr. Linda Mullen
(912) 478-5437


Are you an Alum of GSU’s Sales Program? Please contact us with an update, we’d love to hear from you!

College of Business Administration • P.O. Box 8002 • Statesboro, Georgia • (912) 478-2622