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Entrepreneurship Specialization & Minor

The specialization in Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management is focused on improving the entrepreneurial experience of students, connecting them to businesses, and gaining the skills to eventually launch a new business venture. Courses in this area focus both on small business management and start-up entrepreneurship. Key courses in the program include: Entrepreneurship/Small Business, Small Business Management, Applied Small Business Management, and New Ventrue Planning. Students nurture their entrepreneurial talents through “hands-on” learning that includes: interviewing business owners, conducting business concept presentations and exhibitions, and developing business plans and presenting them to a panel of real investors.

In Fall 2013, the Entrepreneurship/Small Business concentration ranked 6th out of the 29 possible declared majors in the College of Business Administration. The Center is proposing to start a Major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Course Descriptions

  • MGNT 3234 Entrepreneurship/Small Business: A study of the business formation process focusing on the behaviors of entrepreneurs and the creation of new businesses in dynamic environments – prerequisites C or better in MGNT 3130 Principles of Management.
  • MGNT 4234 Small Business Management: Provides a complete coverage of small business operations with proper balance between business functions and the management function – prerequisites C or better in MGNT 3130 Principles of Management; (offered in Fall semester only).
  • MGNT 4235 Applied Small Business: An applied course which involves developing a major case project tailored to the needs of an actual business – prerequisites C or better in MGNT 3130 Principles of Management (offered in the Spring semester).
  • MGNT 4236 New Venture Planning: This is a project-based course in which students, working in small groups, research and develop a business plan for a new venture. With tutorial guidance, students will select an entrepreneurial idea and develop it into a comprehensive and fully detailed, written business plan – prerequisites C or better in MGNT3234 Entrepreneurship and MKTG 3131 Principles of Marketing.

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