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Joining Campus and Community Through Greenery

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Student leaders, Katie Reams and Abbie Pelech, shared plans for the City Campus Living Wall at the Sustainability Reception during No Impact Week. The project leaders are focused on “joining campus and community through greenery,” and the project will do just that.

Students have been involved with every step of this project so far and will continue to maintain the living wall once it’s constructed. They’ve collected measurements and decided on a design. Over the next couple of months, volunteers will work on construction of the design and implementation of the plants in the City Campus alley.

Just as project leaders have suggested, the living wall will join campus and community by benefiting everyone. The living wall will add value to the community by providing aesthetic improvements, reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect and improving air quality. Students list benefits for City Campus to include noise reduction, improved energy efficiency and increasing the marketing potential of the space.

Student leaders will present the design and plans at the upcoming City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 5 at 9 a.m. at City Hall. City Campus employees are excited to see the Student Sustainability Fees at work in Downtown Statesboro.


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