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PR Campaigns Impress GENIE client


BIG thanks are in order for Lori Mallard’s capstone PR campaigns class. The seniors worked hard on the Joint Development Authority of Jeff Davis County, Denton and Hazlehurst, GA (JDAJDC) campaign presentations.

The mission of the project for the JDAJDC was to market the community, expand relationships of the Joint Development Authority in Atlanta, and build better relationships with the local government. After seeing the presentations, JDAJDC Director, Illya Copeland, said that the students far exceeded his expectations.

Students contributed a lot of ideas during the presentations that will definitely be incorporated into the JDAJAC plans. Student groups began their presentations with SWOT analyses for the development authority. Each group then identified target audiences which were eligible work force in Jeff Davis County, existing industries in the county, and potential industries to relocate or expand into Jeff Davis County. Once these audiences were identified, students focused on key messages to deliver.

Each group had great ideas on tactics for delivering messages to the target audiences. Most every group had an idea of what the JDAJDC’s online presence should look like and how it could integrate social media as well. Groups also had unique ideas about workforce development, rewarding and/or highlighting existing industry, and showcasing Jeff Davis to the outside world.

Mr. Copeland and GENIE advisors received a plethora of valuable information from these presentations. The next step is to choose the best strategies to implement and to create a website for the JDAJDC. Everyone is very pleased with the work the students did and look forward to seeing more of the same in future projects.

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