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December Entrepreneur Spotlight

Tina Banks

This month’s Entrepreneur Spotlight is on Mrs. Tina Banks, owner of Kidovations Educational Experience.

Tina and her husband, Jeff, moved to Statesboro from Atlanta in 2002 to start a children’s ministry. Along with the ministry, they began Kidovations as an in-home daycare.

After experiencing tremendous growth, Tina opened Kidovations’ first location on Brampton Avenue in July 2009. This infant suite quickly filled up and the Banks’ soon were in search of yet another location. Kidovations found new space close to the Brampton location on Stambuk Lane, opening rooms for 6 weeks – 4 year olds in June 2010. Eventually Tina and Jeff moved all the children into classrooms at Stambuk Lane, and closed the Brampton Avenue location.

In 2014 the Banks bought the building on Stambuk Lane. They are currently renovating an empty middle space previously used as storage. This expansion will open a classroom dedicated to after school programs for children aged 4 years and older.

Also in 2014 the Banks acquired Tiny Tots Daycare on Parker Rd. They have been working diligently to bring this location up to the Kidovations standard. This acquisition is a wonderful growth opportunity for the Kidovations Educational Experience.

Tina joined the Georgia Southern Innovation Incubator in August, 2014, shortly before acquiring the new location. Tina was seeking help with employee policies and customer growth and retention.

The BBRED team in the Business Innovation Group (BIG) began pulling market information for Tina to help determine demographics. She also began working with a student team from Dr. Joe Rousseau’s Applied Small Business Management Class. The team consisted of: Rachel Paule, Arielle Page, Devin Stoval, and Andrew Vaughn.

Pictured L-R: Arielle Page, Rachel Paule, Devin Stovall, Tina Banks, Andrew Vaughn

Pictured L-R: Arielle Page, Rachel Paule, Devin Stovall, Tina Banks, Andrew Vaughn

The students were tasked by Dr. Rousseau, to engage with their client to identify and achieve a key strategic objective. Dr. Rousseau said, “They were super performers, exceeding their goal by developing and helping to implement a new Customer-Family Handbook and a Best Practices New Employee Handbook.”

This required them to learn about Kidovations and its childcare business. They met with parents and teachers and secured their client’s agreement on project goals, the project plan and timeline. Upon completing their project, they prepared a Project Plan Report and presented their challenges, bottlenecks to overcome, achievements, and forward action recommendations.

Tina enjoyed working with the student team so much that she is likely to work with another team next semester to continue improving upon and implementing the recommendations.

Business Advisor, Suzanne Hallman said, “I have known the Banks’ since they opened the Brampton Ave. location. It has been inspiring to see Tina grow her business over the years. As a parent I feel confident entrusting the care of my child to her and her team while I am at work. I enjoyed working with her on marketing plans in the past, but I am thrilled to be working as her business advisor now to help her with the challenges of managing two large locations.”

Tina continues to work with the Incubator to set milestones and goals to help her reach full-capacity at both Kidovations locations. She is fully deserving of this month’s BIG Entrepreneur Spotlight.

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