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Enactus Team Wins Regional Competition

photo(11)On Tuesday April 2nd the Georgia Southern Enactus team competed in the Enactus Regional Competition in Atlanta. Enactus is a student led organization that focuses on providing economic support to the local area through sustainable entrepreneurial projects. In order to compete the team had to prepare a 17 minute speech, a visual presentation and an annual report. The speech focused on three of the team’s main projects from the 2012-2013 academic year.

These projects included S.U.I.T.S, Restore the Restore, and The Eagle Green Cup. Cameron Naab began the presentation by introducing the team and giving a brief background of Georgia Southern and the Statesboro community. Mike Kayler then presented the accomplishments and aspirations of the Restore project. Followed by  Rachel Paule, Jabari Moore and Kristina McCallum who worked together to explain the different phases of the Eagle Green Cup. Finally Shamah Taylor who participated in the S.U.I.T.S program wrapped the presentation with a firsthand account of how beneficial the S.U.I.T.S mock interviews were to him.

President Matthew Chambers also helped by creating the annual report and working with Sarah Guetherman to provide the visual presentation. Overall it was a very successful and well managed team effort that landed the Georgia Southern Enactus team a spot in the National competition. This is only the second time in school history that Georgia Southern has won regional champions; the last time was in 2005. The team will now revamp their presentation and iron out any issues before May 21st, when they will head to Kansas City, Missouri to represent Georgia Southern in the national competition.

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