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Dr. Luke Pittaway contributes to Business in Savannah website

Recently, Dr. Luke Pittaway has  been published on the website by writing two articles discussing entrepreneurship. Pittaway has been contributing to Business in Savannah for the past four years producing content twice a semester.

His first article, entitled, “Free enterprise: Sharing and caring toward entrepreneurial success,” focuses on different ways to grow in entrepreneurial success through more community activities. Pittaway writes, “The more you look for examples, the more evident it becomes that this is a wider phenomenon that offers a host of entrepreneurial opportunities and is set to become a trend that will grow.”

His second article, “Can pop-up shops help downtown,” tackles the shift in community activity from the city to the suburbs. Pittaway questions if new businesses in the downtown area can jumpstart community activity. He writes, “It’s evident they can help fill vacant spaces, assisting downtowns to look and feel more vibrant, and they can allow entrepreneurs to test retail and other concepts before they commit to helping to promote downtown locations to prospective new businesses.”

To take a closer look at Pittaway’s articles click here:

“Free enterprise: Sharing and caring toward entrepreneurial success”

“Can pop-up shops help downtown”


Luke Pittaway is the William A. Freeman Distinguished Chair in Free Enterprise and a professor of management at Georgia Southern University. He also is director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Learning and Leadership and can be contacted at


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