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Dr. Luke Pittaway contributed the latest Eagle Executive Briefings column titled “More college students turn to entrepreneurship.”  Luke writes:

“As students have become more aware of starting a business as a career path, they have begun to explore it as a real option much earlier in their career than previously.  This general trend has accelerated recently as the number of jobs available to college students has declined.”

Luke poses an intriguing question, “So what are colleges trying to do, if anything, to help these budding entrepreneurs?”

In our case, we are directly addressing this opportunity by creating the “Entrepreneurial Zone (E-Zone)” at the new City Campus:

“The E-Zone is unique as it is rapidly becoming a focal point for all aspects of entrepreneurship and small business at the university, including our sponsored programs in the subject area and classes for local entrepreneurs led by the Small Business Development Center and the Chamber of Commerce.”

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