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Campbell’s SIFE “Lets Can Hunger” Challenge

CEO of “Let’s Can Hunger” project Amber Finley selling student ticket

Fund raising efforts for the twelve young entrepreneurs in Applied Small Business Management have finally begun this month. The class has been split in two sections with one group raising funds for the Hearts and Hands Clinic in Statesboro, GA and the other group raising non-perishable food items for the local food bank. Each group has started from scratch to make their “organization” as much business-like as possible with elected leaders, an executive board, an HR team, research and development efforts, a finance group, and a marketing team. Their group is also responsible for keeping one another accountable, attendance, individual efforts, and punishments just like a real start-up company.

This past week the group whose efforts are going towards the food bank held their first raffle throughout the business complex. Each ticket was sold for $.50 a piece and the prize was either a Chick-fil-a cheese cake tray or a gift certificate to the Ocean Gally Restaurant.  With only offering the raffle on campus about three hrs per week for two weeks the team was able to raise over $140 to go towards purchasing food donations. As the groups first major event they believe that this was very successful and with the amount of effort put into it they were able to get a great deal out of the event. One of the biggest problems the group faced was that they were only on campus and many students that passed by the booths did not carry change on them or were not willing to buy a raffle, however several people made monetary donations and never bought a raffle ticket at all.

Internally, each member is required to bring at least five cans of food per week as their individual “organization” contribution or $5. This is actually a very interesting component of the group because in a real start-up business setting each member(s) would have to invest something of their own with either monetary contributions, talents, building space, land, or even their credit to acquire loans.

The groups fund raising efforts will continue for the rest of the semester with several events that will include selling personalized koozies, a cookout with an “entrance fee” of canned goods, involving professors with smaller projects, a Greek row carwash, and other activities. Keep your eyes out for this groups fund raising projects throughout the COBA building and the rest of campus!

Written by: Jordan Mullinax

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