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About the College

College of Business At a Glance


Georgia Southern University is accredited by the Commission on Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The College of Business has undergraduate and graduate accreditation through the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International. The Accounting program has received the accounting accreditation through AACSB International.

BBA Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates will:

  • Apply analytical methods for problem solving and decision making.
  • Interpret the business implications of global and cultural diversity.
  • Recognize ethical implications of business decisions.
  • Demonstrate oral communication skills appropriate for a given business objective.
  • Compose written communication that is clear, concise, logically organized, and grammatically correct.
  • Select and use information systems that support key business processes.

Mission Statement

The College of Business seeks to develop and promote a learning environment of the highest quality, characterized by inspired teaching and informed by meaningful research. Consistent with the traditions and mission of Georgia Southern University, the College of Business offers a broad array of undergraduate programs and select graduate programs. We distinguish ourselves by our willingness to build and maintain strong relationships with and among our students, colleagues, alumni and the global business and nonprofit communities. We leverage these networks to create learning opportunities and new knowledge, both theoretical and practical. We are a diverse community, united in pursuit of our common values: continuous improvement, excellence, integrity, accountability, respect and sustainability.

Teaching in the College of Business:

We serve students who aspire to grow in competence, professionalism, and readiness.  To do so, students should master material and develop skills that make them marketable and enable professional growth.

Our teaching values innovation in content and process.  We strive to deliver material that is state of the art, informed by good science and practice, and that aligns with our expertise.  We promote flexibility in delivery, utilizing multiple methods as necessary to connect best with our audience.  Finally, we adapt our curriculum to stay current, to remain relevant, and to maintain alignment with our collective expertise.

Our learning environment extends beyond the classroom.  It attracts students to the university, inspires them to learn, provides intellectual expertise to businesses, and creates demand for our graduates.

Research in the College of Business:

Our intellectual capital is the root of our distinctiveness and the source of our expertise in the classroom and in the academic and business communities.  As such, it is essential that we invest in the cultivation and growth of our intellectual capital through research that is rigorous, meaningful and self-sustaining.

Rigor and quality are fundamental, but our research must also be meaningful and relevant.  Hence, we value research that informs practice and teaching, just as we value work that informs theory.  All are judged by their quality and impact, and all are validated by the recognition and adoption of others.  Therefore, our research should be characterized by excellence, but driven by a desire to answer important questions.

Finally, we should invest in and encourage a culture of inquiry and learning.  That culture should be a part of our DNA and institutionalized throughout our practices and processes.  In all we do, our zeal for learning and meaningful discovery should be self-evident and consistently supported.

Service in the College of Business:

Service is essential to our profession and to the well-being of our College, University and society. Many types of meaningful service exist; the form is less important than the impact.

Whether serving our institution, our profession, the business world, or society, our faculty should be recognized as thought leaders who make a positive difference through the investment of their time and expertise. Effective service bolsters the reputation of the faculty and of the institution, while increasing our impact.

Finally, because service an important investment, it should be recognized and encouraged.  Like teaching and research, service is an important way by which our college is continuously revitalized, and it builds our reputation and impact.

Academic Offerings

Georgia Southern offers 124 undergraduate and graduate degree programs through the doctoral level in its seven Colleges. The College of Business offers 8 majors with 4 minors and 3 Master’s degrees in 4 fields.


Georgia Southern University was founded in 1906. The College of Business began offering the BBA degree during 1965, the MBA degree during 1969, Online MBA program in 2001, the MAcc degree in 1997 and MSAE degree in 2007. The College of Business has more than 16,000 alumni located throughout the world.


The more than 700-acre campus is located in the historic main street community of Statesboro, Georgia. Statesboro is conveniently located 50 miles northwest of historic Savannah and the beaches of Hilton Head Island and 200 miles southeast of Atlanta.


A residential university serving over 20,500 students, Georgia Southern’s hallmark is a superior undergraduate experience emphasizing academic distinction, excellent teaching, and student success.



Last updated: 2/16/2017